Characteristics of a professional


Patience helps us be more understanding towards others. For example if someone doesn’t understand something as quickly as you might, then giving them time to understand it means that you both are on the same page in what you understand. This shows being professional as you are taking into account others and therefore showing a better professional behaviour. Also when using this to teach children it is a friendlier approach and more expected as you can’t expect a child to understand something they have just heard about straight away. Plus if you show patience towards the children this may rub off and they then show patience to others in their class to or when they get to work making them learn professional skills from the start.


When a point is made that you don’t agree with and you want to put your opinion across you have to remember to be respectful of others views too. This is because other people may look at something in a different way to how you look at something. This also makes you see other sides to an argument so helps you broaden your knowledge and widens your gap and therefore you may see more possible outcomes when you look at other questions in the future. Also if you show respect to someone then they are more likely to show respect back and create a more professional relationship with you.


When you are honest you are showing your genuine self and therefore you are showing yourself as a open person. When you are honest to people they are more likely to give you more respect. With more respect you are likely to be trusted with work and other elements within your profession. This may also mean that you become more professional as more people with interact with you because of the trust you have gained.


The idea of being honest and showing moral principles means that you can show your views and gain trust from others. The quality of your honesty shows how much people can trust you and also your morals are shown and therefore people are more likely to think about your morals before saying something and they you should respect their morals. Some morals might be expected from society and therefore if you stick to these you are keeping to the view that everyone would expect from you. If you do this then in effect you are following the ‘rules’ which people assume you know and not doing anything out of the norm. I think this would improve communication and conversations with others and therefore make people more professional because of this.


I think being compassionate will help towards being a professional as being compassionate to your colleagues, and within teaching the parents and children, means they are more likely to come and talk to you as you may seem more open and willing to talk to.  Also with being compassionate you may see how bad something is for someone and therefore help them and therefore this would be seen as professional as it is showing you helping them and showing genuine concern. Being compassionate will also help you see other peoples lives and how it affects different people as they are more likely to come to you for help.

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