Is teaching a profession and what is it to be a professional videos

Some people see teaching as a caring profession like a doctor. When asking a doctor what they think helps to be a professional they responded with teamwork. They believe that if you have good communication then it is easier to be a professional. From the second video we see that teachers also say communication helps, I think this is because if everyone speaks in the same way then they expect the same level of professionalism. Another reason for speaking in a professional way to children is that it should rub off and therefore make children more experienced when going into the world.

Many people say that education is where everything starts from and if people don’t get an education or receive a poor one it is seen as a doctor turning his back on a patient. That is why teachers say that people should receive dynamic education where you keep trying for a child to understand something or if something came up in the news they would have that immediately in their lesson the next day. Not only should we teach things that is happening in the news we should keep up with the curriculum and when something changes on that, we should change it in our classrooms.

Not only should we be staying on top of curriculums we should carry on our own professional development by carrying on researching and seeing if any new standards have been put in place. I believe if we do this we aren’t putting our children at a disadvantage and therefore they are learning things that will benefit them in the future and will also help us to keep understanding what is more important to be taught.

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