A Semester of Change

Semester 1 has been a whirlwind of new experiences, people and knowledge. The blink of an eye and I am half way through my first year at University. How did that happen?

Semester 1 has undoubtedly had a huge effect on my social skills, forcing me to start conversations and build new friendships. Throughout my years at school I very much stuck to my close group of six friends as we understand each other in a way that I don’t think many people are lucky enough to experience. I still consider these girls my closest friends as they are my childhood and my family, however I have embarked on so many new, amazing friendships. My flatmates and I are already such great friends, having had so many unforgettable memories throughout semester 1. Furthermore, I have made strong friendships with course mates who have kept me laughing through hard days and we have built a great support system. Being able to meet so many new people within such a short amount of time has made me realise what I look for in a friend as I make an effort to ensure those whom I surround myself with have a positive light in my life. Semester 1 has instilled in me the importance of taking chances, starting conversations and moving on.

A key moment for my professional development in semester 1 was discovering and challenging my personal values through the ‘Values: Self, Society and the Professions’ module. Prior to semester 1, I had never fully explored my values or the reasons for which I have certain values. I am now aware of the values which hold the most importance to me and take the much needed time to reflect upon these values. My eyes were opened to unconscious bias that lies within me due to the society in which I was raised.

Reflection is becoming a really important aspect of my learning. As I learn new things, I now find a need to reflect upon what this means to me and how I can use this knowledge to benefit myself on both a personal and professional level.


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