Memories of IDL in Primary School

When I think back to Primary School, there are definitely certain IDL topics that I have really fond memories of learning, however there are also years where I have no idea what topics we looked at. I remember in Primary 5, our topic was The Jacobites. I think that I remember this topic well because of the wide range of learning experiences and opportunities we were given. We were even taken to Culloden where we got to stand on the field where the battle happened and ran across it as the Jacobites would have done! We were given the chance to fully emerge ourselves in our learning through dress up and artefacts at the Culloden Visitor Centre. I think that this has been one of the most memorable experiences for me in Primary as it was so exciting! By taking us to a place where we could fully engage in what we were learning, it also encouraged our natural inquiry and so we were all asking questions, wanting to know more about everything. I also remember being so excited about recognising certain things that we had learnt about in the classroom through visuals, but actually seeing them in real life. This learning has been so much more memorable than other learning that took place in the classroom. This is not to say that valuable learning like this cannot happen in the classroom – I think that experiences within the classroom can be made equally as exciting with a bit of thought and creativity. This is what I hope to do when planning and leading my own IDL lessons.

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