Managing my Learning


University is providing my with a very different learning experience than I have ever had before, with far more individual study and responsibility for your own education. This has been a positive thing for me as I feel it has given me more of a chance to learn at my own pace, and do as much outside research or reading as I see necessary or feel that I need to do to keep up.

It has definitely been a big change, but I feel I have adapted well and writing down both the things that benefit and hinder my learning has been a great reflection task for me to see what I need to work on and how I can continue to learn my best.

Why I Want To Be A Teacher

I have always wanted to help people, in a way that others helped me – in a way I wanted to pay forward the good fortune that others had given me, During my time at secondary school, I got a math’s tutor to help me in what was my least confident subject, and to be quite honest was a subject that I grew to dread attending. However, my math’s tutor made learning exciting again, she developed new ways for me to understand the concepts I was previously struggling with, and was continuously patient with me, and believed in me before I could even believe in myself. She made a huge overall difference not just to my math’s result, but to my overall confidence levels and subsequently my chosen career path.

I have always enjoyed school, and learning which is a trait I hope to pass on to the future generations. I’ve been blessed with numerous great teachers, all of who inspired and motivated me in their own way.

I currently coach inline hockey, at both under 8’s and u10’s age group, and work part time in a private nursery/extended childcare setting which has given me valuable experience, and shown me that teaching happens in so many aspects of life. Anywhere that learning happens, someone is responsible for teaching or helping grow.  This really confirmed what I always knew, that teaching is the only real career path for me.