Den building

Group and Leadership

  1. There was a leader of the group who took control and was able to help and encourage the rest of the group. This was due to past experience they had from scouts.
  2. The group leader was not chosen. They naturally became the leader of the group as they has more knowledge surrounding the task and had more experience therefore, were able to help the rest of the group.
  3. i can identify them as the leader of the group as they were more hands on and knew what they were doing. However they also used there knowledge and shared it with the group to help and encourage the whole team.
  4. I don’t feel that anyone resented the group leader as they tried to include everyone and everyone got involved with some aspect of building the den.
  5. There were little challenges with working with this group as it worked out we all knew each other. However it took a few minuets to get into our roles within the group and ensure we all knew what vision we were trying to achieve for the den.


  1. i think we communicated very well as a group and let everyone share their thoughts and ideas.
  2. This was clear as we all had a chance to speak and listen to each other to ensure we all knew the task.
  3. One of the five p’s i think we may have missed out or spent little time on was the presentation. We did not clearly explain how we constructed the den and gave little information about the layout or why we built it they way we did.


  1.  I don’t feel that the environment made many changes to the way we communicated in terms of the volume or tone.
  2. As it was a small group and we were in a huge space (outdoors) we were always close together when talking as a group to ensure we could all listen and take part in the discussion.
  3. It was quite quiet outside and nit many background noises, however as i stated above it is helpful to communicate when you are close together instead of trying to shout above the noise.
  4. i personally didn’t feel distracted by the sounds outdoors.


  1. Our negotiations were partially successful as we were able to exchange some resources for others. However, some of the new resources we got weren’t very useful.
  2. The most challenging part of negotiating was trying to get new resources after everyone had already built there den as it meant they has to make changes and there were less things available.

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