Module Overview

Through participating in the Digital Technologies module, I have learned so much more than I had previously thought and I have had a very positive and enjoyable experience. It has highlighted to me how influential technology is in our daily lives and how this can be brought into a classroom setting.

At the start of the module, we were asked to evaluate how we felt about technology and I cannot believe how much my technology skills have developed through such a short period of time. This module has allowed me to deepen my understanding of technology in the 21st century and to analyse how technology can be integrated into lessons throughout all areas of the curriculum.Throughout this module, we have been given many different ideas and tips of ways in which technology can be used in lessons which have all been very helpful and interesting.

Through further reading for this module, I was able to see how strongly many theorists and educators feel about technology being embedded within the curriculum. I believe that I now have the same opinion on technology following this module. I can now see how important technology is with regards to education and I believe the two go hand in hand.

I believe that I will take everything that I have learned throughout this module with me into my teaching practice and it has allowed me to become more comfortable with technology and fully grasp endless ways that technology can be used in the classroom.

Thank you.

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