Digital Technologies Week 11 – 20th March 2018

For the final session of Digital Technologies, we were learning and discussing the use of QR codes and ways to increase outdoor learning.

Learning and Teaching Scotland states that “outdoor learning experiences are often remembered for a lifetime. Integrating learning and outdoor experiences, whether through play in the immediate grounds or adventures further afield, provides relevance and depth to the curriculum in ways that are difficult to achieve indoors.” This statement teaches us that outdoor learning is very important as it allows learners to achieve and develop skills that could not be obtained within a classroom environment.

“The core values of Curriculum for Excellence resonate with long-standing key concepts of outdoor learning. Challenge, enjoyment, relevance, depth, development of the whole person and an adventurous approach to learning are at the core of outdoor pedagogy…” Education Scotland (2010). Outdoor learning is key to the curriculum as without this it would be difficult to achieve all of the key concepts of learning. It also allows young people to be active outdoors and learn to be safe in the outdoor environment. Outdoor learning can be used across all areas of the curriculum and allows children to gain an in-depth knowledge of the curricular area that they are studying.

After discussing outdoor learning, we moved on to discuss the SHANARRI wheel which also links to outdoor learning, and is as follows:

  • Safe
  • Healthy
  • Active
  • Nurture
  • Achieving
  • Responsible
  • Respect
  • Included

When discussing the SHANARRI wheel, my partner and I agreed that outdoor learning links with respect in the sense that when young people are outdoors they must respect the environment. They must also respect property, animals and, people. It is important to introduce children to the ways in which they could influence the surroundings while they are participating in outdoor learning.

Following this, we moved on to the practical side of today’s session. We were examining the application Pic Collage and we were asked to create a collage based on a particular theme. We then moved on to discuss the use of QR codes and the ways that this resource could be used in a classroom setting. We were also shown how to create our own QR codes. Afterwards, we went outside as a QR code activity had been set up for us to take part in. This involved finding the QR codes placed outside and scanning them with our iPads. We then had to answer the question correctly that corresponded to the specific QR code which we had scanned. Following this, we had to select a letter from the question and once we had scanned all of the QR codes and answered all of the questions a word could be made. While taking part in this activity, another member of our group was taking pictures on a second iPad for us to use in a Pic Collage.

After returning from our outdoor activity, we were asked to create our own lesson using QR codes. My partner and I decided that the subject of our lesson would be mini beasts. We created several questions that corresponded to a specific QR code and the questions must be answered correctly to reveal the secret word at the end of the task. The experiences and outcomes that we listed for this activity are as follows:

  • I have observed living things in the environment over time and am becoming aware of how they depend on each other. SCN 0-01a.
  • I can explore digital technologies and use what I learn to solve problems and share ideas and thoughts. TCH 0-01a.
  • In movement, games, and using technology I can use simple directions and describe positions. MTH 0-17a.

In conclusion, today’s input has allowed me to gain a better understanding of the benefits of outdoor learning and how important it is within the Curriculum for Excellence. It has also allowed me to learn about QR codes and see how they can be tailored to any area within the curriculum. I look forward to taking the knowledge that I have learned through today’s session into my teaching practice.


Education Scotland (2010) Curriculum for Excellence Through Outdoor Learning.

Learning and Teaching Scotland (2010) Curriculum for Excellence Through Outdoor Learning.

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