Digital Technologies Week 8 – 27th February 2018

In today’s session, we were discussing the use of mobile devices in the classroom. We were able to read some online sources with different viewpoints and opinions about enhancing learning through the use of mobile devices. We also explored the use of Easi-Speak microphones and how they can be integrated into lessons. Using the Easi-Speak microphones, we created a poetry task to be carried out during a literacy lesson.

While reading the online sources that were available to us I discovered a quote which was very astonishing, “over four in 10 households now have a tablet, meaning that children are becoming computer-literate before they’ve even started primary school”. This statement reveals that children are being influenced by technology from a very early age and are becoming familiar with the concepts of mobile devices. Thus, they are coming into the classroom having already gained an understanding of technology which aims to be continued throughout their school years. Digital technology should be firmly embedded into the classroom to provide learners with an understanding of how digital technology can be used in a variety of different ways and the ways in which it can be used for academic purposes.

My partner and I created an “I am Poem” from the perspective of a student teacher. Firstly, we wrote our poem onto the template that we had been given. We then used the Easi-Speak microphones to record ourselves reciting the poem which we decided would work best by reciting one line each. Following that, we uploaded the audio clips to the computer and transferred them onto a PowerPoint presentation. We wrote the poem onto the presentation along with the audio clips and pictures which corresponded to the different lines of the poem. We believe that this task could be aimed at any level within the Curriculum for Excellence depending upon the subject of the poem. However, for early level we believe that the poem should already be given to them and they would be able to use the Easi-Speak microphones to recite the poem that they have been given. The experiences and outcomes that we highlighted for this task are as follows:

  • Within real and imaginary situations, I share experiences and feelings, ideas and information in a way that communicates my message. LIT 0-26a
  • By considering the type of text I am creating, I can select ideas and relevant information, organise these in a logical sequence and use words which will be interesting and/or useful for others. LIT 1-26a
  • By considering the type of text I am creating, I can select ideas and relevant information, organise these in an appropriate way for my purpose and use suitable vocabulary for my audience. LIT 2-26a

Overall, I believe that the Easi-Speak microphones are extremely user friendly and are for all ages. They are a unique device which can be used throughout all areas of the curriculum and can be used in many different ways. I feel that mobile devices can create a positive impact on learners and that it allows them to be more independent with their work. Digital technology is vital as young people are experiencing technology from a young age and this should be continued in their school lives. I plan to carry today’s session with me in my teaching practice and I certainly plan to use Easi-Speak microphones and other mobile devices with my future classes.


Curtis, S. (2014) – Digital Learning: how technology is reshaping teaching [Online] – [Accessed: 27th February 2018]



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