Digital Technologies Week 1 – 9th January 2018

Today’s class was an introduction to the digital technologies module. We discussed the definition of digital technology and what will be covered throughout the module, we reflected upon our own skills with regards to technology and explored Glow.

Firstly, we reflected upon our own technology and digital skills whereby we marked down how confident we felt within different areas of technology. By marking a one, that indicated that the area within technology was a particular strength. However, when marking a five it indicated that the area of technology was an area for development. This allowed us to highlight our strengths and weaknesses with regards to technology.

We looked at and discussed “Enhancing learning and teaching through the use of digital technology” in depth to evaluate the importance of digital technology within education. It explained many key messages that described how vital digital technology is within the curriculum. The document highlighted that the Scottish Government is devoted to embedding digital technology into the curriculum and for young people to receive the full benefit of technology. It also shows that digital technology has been proven to raise children’s attainment and enhance learning and teaching for them.

Finally, we navigated our way around Glow in order to become more familiar with some of the features that are available. We added tiles to our own personal launch pads that will be useful to us as student teachers and as we progress after university.

To conclude, today’s input was very useful and informative. It gave us a clear insight into the digital technologies module and allowed us to analyse our own digital skills. It also gave us the opportunity to have a look at an academic source to evaluate how important digital technology is within the Scottish curriculum and navigate around Glow. I believe that this module will be enjoyable and beneficial to me and allow me to develop my digital skills.


Scottish Government (2016) Enhancing learning and teaching through the use of digital technology. [Online]. Available from:

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