Why I chose Teaching

Ever since the start of high school I have always dreamed of being a primary teacher due to my own experiences in school. During my primary school years I had both positive and negative experiences with teachers, this inspired me to apply for the primary education course. In my early years I had the most kind, caring and inspiring teachers. They motivated me to learn and enjoy my education journey. Due to the great relationships I had with my teachers it made me want to be like them and make education exciting for the next generation of children, just as they did for me.

However in my later years of primary school I did not have such a great relationship with my teacher. She made me lose confidence and eventually not want to go into school. Even though this one particular teacher ruined the learning process for me it motivated me even more to become the teacher she wasn’t. I wanted to make sure that the future generations never had to experience what I had to go through due to this one teacher.

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