Looking Back – A Positive Learning Experience

At this point in my life I struggle to remember a lot about school, there’s the odd bits and bobs that I remember, like the time I built a roman chariot, or made a paper mache plane. But I feel like there wasn’t an awful lot of experiences that truly stand out for me. If anything there wasn’t any experiences in school that truly stood out for me. When I look back and reflect on my previous learning it was primarily focused on maths and language with other lessons tending to be focused on topic work or other areas of the curriculum. Maybe this reflects badly on the teachers that I had, suggesting that they never quite inspired me in a learning context. I feel like this will encourage me to try and create positive learning experiences for the children in my classes in the future.

1 thought on “Looking Back – A Positive Learning Experience

  1. Linda Lapere

    It certainly is worth reflecting upon Emily! Would you say that your experiences were more about subjects in ‘silos’? Was this anything to do with the Scottish curriculum (5-14 or CfE?) or just how your teachers taught? reflecting on our own experiences and what made them positive or otherwise can really help us develop our own educational philosophies and pedagogy. Thanks for sharing! 🙂


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