Professional Reflection

Trying to reflect back on the whole and individual parts of semester 1 is incredibly hard. September brought about change for me, I became a university student, and moved away from home, into a flat with 12 complete strangers, and began the course that I have always dreamed of doing. However, starting university came with challenges, like making friends, going to lectures and having to understand that at university, nothing is spelled out for you, and that you have to take the time to figure it out for yourself.

My biggest challenge last semester, was trying to understand the brief for the values essay, when I first saw it, I was mind boggled, I had absolutely no idea as to how to tackle it. But eventually it became clear, after it being explained. The essay made me think about my values and how I see the world. After spending my summer working with children with additional support needs, and then getting a job in Dundee with adults with additional support needs, I knew that I wanted to write my essay about: values and disability. I felt that with my personal knowledge and understanding of how these people go about their day to day lives, I could write about it, and how things are changing for them in the world, but how teachers need to be more accepting of the ranging disabilities, and how we need to make a classroom “equal”. I wrote my essay, sent it away and waited patiently for a month and a bit for the results to arrive. But when the time came and I got my results, it was not what I was expecting, I was heartbroken, and emailed the tutor who marked it straight away to arrange a meeting.

The meeting made things very clear for me. I was informed that my academic writing was not where it should be, and that I need to work on it. This made me think, my academic writing has never been the best, although I do know I have come a long way in the past few years. This essay has made me realise that I still have a while to go, before my essay writing skills will ever be close to “perfect”. However, I know that from the comments that have been made, and the services around me, I will eventually be able to write an essay worth a high grade. Whilst also learning that it’s not about treating those within a classroom equally, it’s about treating them equitably.


The process of reflection is becoming a key aspect of my future career. In order for me to follow the standards for registration I must show continuous development within my career, and therefore the process of reflection will allow me to continually further myself as a professional. Reflecting will allow me to build on anything and everything I’ve done within my life, at university, and when the time comes on placement, it will provide me with the chance to become the best person and teacher I can be.

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