Monthly Archives: October 2016


Throughout my time in further education I am encouraged to further my literacy and numeracy skills by participating in the Online Literacy Assessment and the National Online Maths Assessment. These two assessments are made accessible so that I can measure my capabilities, as well as show me where I need to make improvements in my knowledge.

I first did the NOMA. Like a lot of people, I struggle with maths greatly and have never overly enjoyed it , this could be down to teachers in the past, or just struggling with it in general. Once  I sat down to do the assessment however, I realised that I knew a lot more than I give myself credit for, although there is still time for me to make improvements, I was immensely satisfied with my result.

Secondly I did the OLA a few weeks later. I felt slightly more confident about doing this assessment, but at the same time still anxious. I know that these assessments are not necessarily important, but at the same time they are important to my development and ensuring that I will be an effective teacher when the time comes. The OLA assessment was easy regarding spelling, however I struggled more with the grammar side of it, but overall I feel that the assessment went well and showed me where to make improvements in my grammar.

Overall, I found the tests very helpful and will continue to further my knowledge in order for me to become a successful teacher in the future. I will publish my results on my blog for people to access if they wish to find out how I have done, and then see development in the future.