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Digital Literacy Skills for Literacy & English at BGE

This session is aimed at teachers, primarily in the Primary sector, but could be adapted to the wider BGE. The aim of the session is to demonstrate ideas for creating, delivering and assessing Digital Literacy skills in the context of Literacy & English learning activities, such as Reading and Writing.

Parental barriers to learning at home with digital approach

This session will focus how schools and teachers can support parents and cares to overcome the digital barriers to learning at home.

An Introduction to Microsoft Forms

This session demonstrates how to

  • access Forms and results
  • create quizzes and surveys
  • include question feedback
  • use immersive reader with forms
  • export the results of a form/quiz
  • integration with Teams and OneNote
  • where to get further help and support


Google Sites

This session demonstrates how to

  • create a Google site
  • customise a Google site
  • manage a Google Site.

This session also considers how sites can be used across the curriculum.

Evidencing Learning with iPad

This cross curricular session will look at tools that can be used to evidence learning and engage with learners.

The session will look at the built in iOS features on iPad that can be used to gather feedback and share experiences for all.

Creating Blogs with WordPress in Glow

This session will demonstrate how to create, customise and manage a WordPress Class Blog.

  • add posts,
  • upload rich media
  • organise posts into categories
  • how to add additional administrators
  • how to share the Class Blog.

Additional help with glow blogs can be found here

Getting started using Glow

  • Interactive overview of RM Unify and Office 365
  • Adding tiles and customising your Glow Launchpad
  • How to access Glow Mail, benefits of OneDrive and Office Web Apps


Using Class OneNote within Glow

  • An overview of OneNote and Class Notebook within Glow. 
  • An overview of the main features and how to use these tools with learners.


Using Microsoft Teams in Glow

  • How to set up and manage a Team site for collaborating with colleagues
  • How to set up and manage a Team site for working remotely with your learners

Quick Guide – How to create a Team site in Glow

Using Sway in Glow

  • How to access Sway
  • Adding content, display options and themes
  • Inserting existing content from word, powerpoint and forms
  • Sharing options


Using Google Classroom in Glow

  • Interactive overview getting starting using Google Classroom to support remote learning

GSuite in Glow

An overview looking at the GSuite tools available in Glow and how they can be used to support remote learning and teaching.  Tools covered include

  • Docs
  • Forms
  • Slides
  • Sites
  • Jamboard

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