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Online Classrooms

Here is a reminder of our Making Your Virtual Classroom More Real webinar from November this year – covering all things from setting assignments, online content and assessment of digital learning.

This is backed up by research, which Edutopia recently published as ‘the Secret to High-performing Virtual Classroom’ here (#8):

  • “make it easy for pupils to access materials”
  • “organize virtual classrooms even more intentionally than physical ones”
  • “teachers should use a single, dedicated hub for important documents like assignments”
  • “simplify communications and reminders by using one channel like email or text”
  • “reduce visual clutter like hard-to-read fonts and unnecessary decorations throughout their virtual spaces”

(Edutopia, 2020)


Digital Fire Drill: preparing for online learning

Are you preparing for online learning in January? We loved this guide from Marr College in South Ayrshire about ‘digital fire drills’. These guides allow for teachers and learners to be prepared for online learning by making clear the processes and expectations.

Take a look at this tweet from Miss Wylie, a teacher and digital leader at Marr:

The Digilearn CRIS Podcast – episode 1

Here is our very first podcast, where we discuss cyber resilience and internet safety – and what the difference is between them. We also have a chat about what progression in, and application of learning, might look like in CRIS learning.


Listen to the podcast here


Hopefully you find it useful; and if you want to hear us talk about any particular topics, let us know at on twitter @digilearnscot.