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Assessing Numeracy and Maths with Forms

Forms can be used to create Quizzes (which allow assessment and feedback) or Forms (which collect information, such as evaluations). They can contain text, images and videos, which makes them engaging and accessible to more learners. A Quiz can also be set with correct answers and this will automatically assess and provide feedback to learners, which is ideal for metacognition. They are easy to duplicate and share between staff which can support moderation, ensure assessment is proportional and comparable between classes or levels.

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Formative Assessment with Digital Tools

When an instructor wants to assess how well the students understand a given topic, they can quickly author a quiz directly from their desktop or mobile web browser. The instructor simply determines the questions they would like to ask and then chooses an answer type, such as multiple choice, text or a rating. Recipients can complete the quiz on phones, tablets or PCs. And with the real-time feedback in Forms, the instructor can very quickly see where the class may need additional instruction or could advance more rapidly. Forms responses can also be exported to Microsoft Excel for richer analyses.

Forms is a great quizzing platform because quiz question types are unique. Quiz authors can also indicate the correct answer(s) while authoring quiz questions and they can enter feedback for each answer.

Quizzes aren’t the only scenario where Forms can be used. Because it is so flexible and easy to customize, Forms can be used to create surveys, requisitions, assessments and so much more. For example, a school teacher may want to get feedback from a student’s parents on their child’s study habits.