This pathway will provide you with a basic level introduction to digital learning and teaching. It includes support on the tools available and pedagogical approaches you may want to consider. 

This is a flexible ‘anytime, anywhere’ pathway where you can watch all the sections or just the sections you need. it will also point you to further professional learning pathways and our live webinars. 


What is Glow?

Glow is our national digital learning and teaching platform for Scotland’s learners and educators. It is free to access and used widely across the country. If you do not have a Glow login (or have lost or forgotten it) then contact your university, school or local authority Glow Key Contact.

Find out more at Glow Connect

Office 365 and Google Workspace

All Glow users have access to Microsoft Office365 (which Teams is part of) or Google Workspace for Education (formerly G Suite) (which Classroom is part of) and your setting might use one of these or both. Once you know which platform you’ll be using you can follow these pathways for more information. 

Learning and Teaching Platforms – Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams

google classroom

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Your school or nursery may be using Glow to communicate with learners and this will usually be either Google Classroom or Microsoft Teams – these pathways have everything you need to get started with them.

Cyber Resilience and Internet Safety

When planning to support learners with positive online experiences you should start with the Digital Literacy experience and outcomes cyber resilience and internet safety (CRIS) within the Technologies curriculum. Our CRIS section has ideas, information and examples to help you get started with this area of learning and teaching.