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The Modern Studies, Sociology and Politics Collaborative

Mr McCabe, from Prestwick Academy in South Ayrshire:

“The Modern Studies, Sociology and Politics Collaborative is a community of teaching and non-teaching professionals on Microsoft Teams. With over 1000 members, it has grown quickly in recent years and includes staff from the classroom and the Scottish Parliament. It is both a resource space for the subjects as well as a place for collaboration and support. Here you will find a digital community who are happy to share and make use of each other’s expertise or use the group think to solve problems. The site has become an invaluable “go-to” space during the recent lockdown as we have worked to meet the challenges of the day.”

If you want to hear more, find the team on twitter @ModSocPolCollab
to request to join the team then please follow this link

8th December 2020, 16:00 – 17:15 QUANTifying Design with V&A Dundee


This session will introduce attendees to the Mary Quant Exhibition at V&A Dundee and will highlight resources available for educators to support creative problem solving and design skills.

The webinar will also cover some Microsoft and Apple apps which can be used within your classroom to support learning across the art and design and technologies.

This is a joint session between V&A Dundee and hosted by Education Scotland’s Digital Skills Team.

A Glow account is required to attend.

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19 November 16:00 – 17:00, Go Forth Resources – Social Studies and Digital Learning Resources

Free, open source resources to support the Social Studies and Technologies Curriculum focusing on National Landmarks

Using free digital resources and lesson packs, this session will showcase three Go Forth resource packs and tools which can develop understanding of Social Studies and Technologies.

Covering Games Based Learning, Computer Aided Design, and Computing Science these reources aimed at P4-S1 can be used to support learning and understanding of Social Studies with a focus on:

  • People, past events and societies
  • People, place and environment

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28 October 16:00 – 17:00, Developing Mapping Skills and an Understanding of Place with Digital Tools

Developing Mapping Skills & an Understanding of a Place with Digital Tools

Using free digital resources tools, this introductory session will demonstrate how you can use a range of virtual mapping and GIS tools to develop learning and teaching around Social Studies- People, place and Environment.

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05 November 16:00 – 17:00, Modern Day Artefacts in Your Class – Create your own Digital Museum

Using a range of PC and Apple based applications combined with Glow Tools we will create a digital museum using PowerPoint.

This session will demonstrate how to access and use 3D models of artefacts from modern day and history and combine them with 365 tools to create your own Museum or Gallery Catalogue using interactive resources.

This session will be hosted by the Social Studies and Digital Skills Team.

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