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08 February 1600 – 1700, How can Computing At School (CAS) Network Support Scotland?

Are you an Early Years, Primary or Secondary practitioner in Scotland and looking for a UK wide network to support and inspire you with innovative digital and computing science ideas?  Education Scotland has collaborated with Computing at School (CAS) to bring you this information session on how the CAS network can support you.  During the session you will hear about growing your personal learning network, working groups, resources, events and lots more to develop your practice.  There will also be Q&A during the session.

There will also be two prize draws of books.

How to Teach Computer Science – Parable, Practice and Pedagogy by Alan Harrison.  Alan will also pop in to the session to talk more about his book

The Digital Adventures of Ava and Chip – Smart City by Beverly Clarke.


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23rd Nov 4pm, Digital resources for learning and teaching – Copyright Licence Agency

All Scottish schools already hold a CLA Education Licence.  The licence saves teachers from the worry and expense that can be involved in using copyrighted works, by giving them permission to copy up to 5% from books and magazines.  

 What’s more the Licence now comes with the Education Platform as standard, at no extra cost, so copying is even quicker, simpler and greener.

The Education Platform helps teachers:

-unlock digital versions of books their school owns, and to access the books remotely

-make copies for lessons in just a couple of clicks

-generate links to copies, that can be saved on the intranet, emailed or shared via Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams

-store copies digitally, ready for re-activation next year.

All teachers in Scottish schools are eligible to register for the Platform for free, and can start benefiting from time and cost savings.

Register for the –CLA Education Platform webinar

For more information about CLA and what the licence means for teachers, head to

How the CLA Education Licence supports educators: 

The Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) isn’t, believe it or not, the copyright police.

We can see people’s eyes widen we mention who we are, and a vague panic cross over their faces.

They think it’s a bust.

The truth is very different.

CLA was developed to give people access to copyright publications.  Copyright law means that unless an exceptional circumstance applies, you need to seek permission from the rightsholder in order to re-use or copy that material.

That can be a daunting task, especially as an educator, to take the time and possibly money that might be involved in getting that permission.

By contrast, the Education Licence from CLA gives you blanket permission to copy extracts from works opted in.  So, you have peace of mind that you won’t infringe copyright, and you can get quick and easy access to the materials you want to share in your teaching.

What’s more, all state-funded schools in Scotland already hold the Education Licence by virtue of a central agreement with the Scottish Government and Councils.  Therefore, you’re protected and can copy within the Licence terms.

Once CLA’s operating costs are deducted, our licence fees are distributed back to the rightsholders – authors, publishers and visual artists – who created the work you’re copying from.  This means that they can carry on making the resources we rely on.  As a licensed teacher, thanks for playing your part in the copyright eco-system.

As if that wasn’t good enough, CLA has also developed a free tool for licensed institutions – the Education Platform.  It makes copying quicker, simpler and greener, by providing you the means to make digital copies from books your school owns.  It’s easy to sign up, start unlocking content, and creating links to copies for your students.

Why not join us on Tuesday 23rd at 4pm to find out more.  Register here (and if you can’t make the live session, register anyway and we’ll be sure to send you the recording).


CLA Education Team

11 November 4-5pm Climate Action and Wellbeing course – Apps for Good

Join Apps for Good as they introduce their new Climate Action & Wellbeing Course. They’ll give an overview of the course and encourage teachers to register an interest in piloting the materials to their students in January 2022. The new course will be suitable for S1 upward.

In the 12-session course designed for curriculum or extra-curricular delivery, students work as a team to create a technology product that addresses a climate issue impacting their local community. Students not only learn about climate science, but also about systems thinking and how climate change connects to issues of fairness, equity and justice – and they are supported to use this learning when developing their own products.

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10th March, 16:00, Quality Assuring Senior Phase Learner Evidence – A digital solution

During this webinar we will look at the digital solution for quality assuring learner evidence shared on

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This webinar will look at the digital solution for quality assuring learner evidence on and how this could provide a solution for practitioners at a department, school and local authority level.