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11 November 2020 1530 – 1630, Your Blended Classroom – Making Your Virtual Class More Real

Where do your learners get their maths learning from? Where do they hand in their literacy jotter? How do they do social subjects if they can’t share resources?

This session is designed to help you reimagine your online classroom with ideas and resources to develop your learning activities across the curriculum but also to maintain those high standards and organisation from your physical classroom.

A Glow login is required to join this webinar in Teams.

It is aimed at primary practitioners but some early years and secondary practitioners may find it useful.

Upon booking your ticket a link will be issued to you to join the ‘Education Scotland Digital Team’ Microsoft Team Site, within Glow; where the training will take place. This can take twenty four hours to process.



Mixed Delivery – A Quickstart Guide

We have gathered together information that will support practitioners who would like to include learners who are at home with learning that is happening in class.

This interactive PDF can be downloaded and shared with your colleagues.  Areas marked with the finger pointer will take you to linked resources for further information.

Alternatively, investigate the thinglink below