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The Digilearn CRIS Podcast

Episode 1

Here is our very first podcast, where we discuss cyber resilience and internet safety – and what the difference is between them. We also have a chat about what progression in, and application of learning, might look like in CRIS learning.

Hopefully you find it useful; and if you want to hear us talk about any particular topics, let us know at on twitter @digilearnscot.


Episode 2

This episode is an audio version of our YouTube video exploring how information literacy, learned in literacy and English, is vital to using the web in a smarter way.

23 November 2020, 16:30-17:30 – Primary/BGE Cyber Resilience Webinar


A link to the Team will be sent to you by email.

This webinar is to support primary practitioners who want to learn more about cyber resilience and how this can be embedded into their learning and teaching. The webinar will look at the best way to introduce teaching cyber resilience without any specialist knowledge and is aimed at non computing teachers.

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