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Connecting Classrooms through Global Learning

Learning for Sustainable Development Goals. Bring digital learning to life and take action on the big issues that shape our world with Connecting Classrooms through Global Learning’s (CCGL) new online partnerships programme! Join the CCGL team and Education Scotland to get advice on online collaboration and more information about the funding, free support, resources and professional learning on offer. And hear more from schools who are already taking part – collaborating locally, nationally and globally with each other to make Learning for Sustainability and the Sustainable Development Goals part of everyday learning.


25 Feb, 16:00 – 17:00 Implementing Digital Citizenship with Common Sense Education

Learners need digital citizenship skills to participate fully in their communities and make smart choices online and in life. Teachers need resources to keep up with today’s fast-changing media and technology landscape. Common Sense Education has a free Digital Citizenship Curriculum that offers a whole-community approach to media balance and well-being. The resources support teachers and prepare learners to think critically and use technology responsibly to learn, create and participate in the digital world. The curriculum is guided by the research of Project Zero at the Harvard Graduate School of Education and addresses current issues students face, including cyberbullying, online privacy, hate speech, news literacy, and more. The resources include real-life scenarios, new videos, and engaging activities that help students explore complex topics.

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Microsoft Innovative Educators in Scotland

MIE Scotland Blog

Microsoft Innovative Educators in Scotland

Grow your professional learning network with a likeminded community who understands and supports you.

The community comprise of all sectors of education with Regional Improvement Collaborative (RIC) members, technical support specialists and Glow key contacts from local authorities around Scotland.

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02 Feb 2021, 15:00 – 16:45, How to deliver HE NQs remotely/online

This webinar will look at how practitioners might deliver content to learners in an online environment.

About this Event

You will require a glow login for this webinar.

This webinar will look at how practitioners might deliver content to learners in an online environment. This will cover an overview of the tools/pedagogies to deliver flipped/asynchronous delivery and live/interactive sessions and we will have practitioners sharing how they are delivering this in their schools.

17 February 2021 Digital Design – Design with Tinkercad in Early Years

Digital Design – Design with Tinkercad in Early Years

Wednesday 17th February 2021, 4:00 – 4.50pm 

Demonstrating how Tinkercad can be used with learners to develop creativity and to introduce the use of Computer Aided Design within the Technologies Curriculum.

This session will take you on a tour of how to use the free CAD software, Tinkercad. We will also look at how digital design can support younger learners and how the tools can support creativity and learning across the curriculum.

A staff Glow account will be required to access the Microsoft Team where the session will take place.

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31 March, 2021,16:00 Google Classroom for beginners – Google education event

Aimed at teachers and teaching assistants working with children who have not used Google Classroom much or at all to manage learning in one place.

Your own G Suite for Education account may not be allowed to join our demo Classroom based on your school’s settings, so you will have the option of using a demo account or be a student in the Classroom. You can also follow along and create a Classroom of your own in your own G Suite for Education account as we go through the content.

When: Wednesday 31st March @ 4pm

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18 March, 2021, 16:45, Matching activities with Google Drawing and Slides – Google education event

Create simple digital matching activities with Google Slides and Drawings. In this session we will look at digitising matching activities for learners to make them accessible beyond the classroom and something that can be used more diagnostically to review learning and progress.

When: Thursday 18th March @ 4:45pm

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18 March, 2021, 16:00, Lesson planning with docs and slides – Google education event

Aimed at teachers and learning support, this session specifically looks at Google Drive collaboration and sharing through the lens of lesson planning.

By using Shared Drives as a year group or faculty team, you can provide easy access to learning resources, central curriculum templates and assignments whether you are working together or separately. Take away some simple ideas to reduce your planning time and make sure everyone has the best resources at their fingertips.

When: Thursday 18th March @ 4pm

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02 March, 2021, 16:00, Gsuite skills for beginners, Drive , Docs and Slides – Google education event

Aimed at teachers and learning support who are relatively new to G Suite or need a refresher. This session will take you through Google Drive, the cloud based storage you can access anywhere, anytime from any device.

We will look at; how you can manage your own Drive, collaborate easily with others and share key documents, planning and resources. Collaborate in a Google Doc to see edits happen live, as well as exploring version history (an incredibly impactful tool to review learning as well as see who contributed what to your document). We will also look at Slides to make sure you feel comfortable bringing existing resources in other formats into Google Drive and converting them to be collaborative where necessary.

When: Tuesday 2nd March @ 4pm

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18 Feb, 16:00, Assessment and feedback in Gsuite – Google education event

Aimed at teachers and learning support, this session will give you a toolkit of assessment and feedback options available through G Suite. From in-built Google Classroom and Google Docs features, to third party tools that allow audio feedback to complement written feedback or where in-person feedback is not suitable or feasible.

When: Thursday 18th February @ 4pm

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