Creativity with Digital – learner digital literacy theme

This page outlines some of the applications of digital literacy skills and knowledge that learners could harness in creative ways to reimagine, create and share their ideas. This ranges from being able to use devices and platforms to draw, take photo, video or audio, to pulling this together when creating new texts and multimedia content.

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Where to start

Learners should be able to:

  • use digital devices and platforms to communicate, collaborate and share information online
  • find, manage and store digital information and content securely

See more information on this in the accordion menus below (click to expand the blue bars):

Creativity in Scotland

Creativity is a process that generates ideas which have ​value to the individual and to society. 

It involves looking at familiar things with a fresh eye, examining problems with an open mind, making connections, learning from mistakes and using imagination to explore new possibilities.


Scotland’s Creative Learning Plan | Creative Scotland


Generic digital skills that support creativity
Digital skills for supporting creativity on iPad




Everyone Can Create is a book of activities to introduce your learners to drawing, taking photos, capturing video and making music on iPad.

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Although these resources are developed for the iPad there are useful ideas and examples that could be transferred to other devices and platforms:

Why use photography in the classroom? on Apple Books
Why use Podcasting in the Classroom on Apple Books
Doodle-a-Day on Apple Books

Creative design tutorials

What next?

There are further examples and contexts in the accordion menus below (click to expand the blue bars):

Planning more creative learning

Creativity in your classroom
What is a text?




Although it can be considered an old document, the literacy and English principles and practice paper contains a very forward-thinking list of what can be considered a text. How many of these do you use for learners to read or write? Are they still writing in jotters or writing for purpose and an audience with digital tools?

Literacy and English: Principles and practice (

Creative contexts, projects and resources

Tech She Can – how creative industries use digtial skills

tech she can






Examples of where digital technology is being developed in a range of industries. Help your learners see a wider world of careers and imagine creative applications of some of these roles.
Lesson packs – TechSheCan

Make it Happen app development

make it happen






Apps don’t start with coding – they start with an idea. Make it Happen have resources, training and challenges to help teachers and learners explore the app development process. Can your learners identify a gap in the market? A problem that needs fixed?

Make It Happen Club

Daydream Believers creativity projects and resources
Film-making and film literacy

Screening Shorts


Film literacy skills and knowledge are critical to developing film-making. Move your learners beyond capturing video and into planning, shooting and producing films of their own. Screening Shorts provides short films to watch as texts and learn about how they were written. The films and resources are provided by Film Scotland who also offer learnign on film education.
Screening Shorts

BBC L.A.B. guides and projects

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