This is micro:bit – Session 1 Recap 27th April, 4pm

Here is a very quick recap of session one from This Is MicroBit.
Pete (@PeterMarshman) introduced attendees to the microbit and the makecode editor.
Attendees were taken through some getting started activities where we explored code blocks and the simulator.  The presentation Pete used  through the session can be accessed below. He has updated it to show the solutions for each of the activities that we did. Feel free to use / download as you wish. All the links to the activities are on the slides.
Top Tip: you can use the search function above the block categories to help find commands.
Eg typing “bright” will show all the commands associated to the term
Other Useful Links
Tutorials – you can work through simple to complex tutorials on the makecode site – Microsoft MakeCode for micro:bit (
Lessons – multipart lessons that use microbit – Lessons | micro:bit (
Projects – stand alone small microbit projects – Projects | micro:bit (
Mr Croughan from North Lanarkshire shared some pathways mapping work with us.  You will need to be a member of the team to access these
A few people asked about ipad / bluetooth with microbit. This link will get you started. iOS app | micro:bit (
Looking forward to seeing you at our next session!

11th May 4  -5pm Workshop 2 – Health and Wellbeing learning with the micro:bit

18th May 4- 5pm Workshop 3 – Embedding micro:bit across our primary and secondary curriculum


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