19 May 11 – 11:45 Code Along with micro:bit – Relaxation & Mindful Breathing

Join @DigiLearnScot and @CodingLorna from the Micro:bit Educational Foundation for this mindful code-along session where learners will write code for a handheld device that will support relaxation and mindful breathing. Using micro:bits and Microsoft MakeCode, we will code something that can be taken outside on a sunny day to support a quiet and calming moment in the busy school day.

Micro:bit not required as you can still take part using the MakeCode simulator.

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  1. Stacy Corrigan says:

    Very interested in this for my own and children in my P6 class learning.

    Is this something that the children can learn along with using their Chromebook Devices?

    Thank you

    • George Milliken says:

      will depend on how your chromebooks are managed but you can certainly download the microbit file to a chromebook and share to microbit devices. even if they don’t have permission to download or link to microbits, you can always join in with the virtual online editor https://makecode.microbit.org/#

  2. lorraine McLean says:

    Would be lively to join however our microbits have not arrived. This seems to be the same for several schools in my authority.

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