09 March 11am, Send Your Code into SPACE – Live Code-Along

Join @DigiLearnScot and @CodingLorna for this “out of this world” code-along session where learners will write code that will be sent to SPACE! Astro Pi: Mission Zero is an amazing opportunity to bring coding and space together. It allows your learners to write some code which is sent up to space and run on the International Space Station (ISS) later in the year.

This code-along does NOT use Scratch, instead we will use the emulator Trinket so please check that you can access this in your school.

We will be hosting a short teacher session on Wednesday 2nd March at 4 pm to help ensure you have everything you need to feel comfortable and prepared for the Code-along. We will also share a briefing sheet once you have signed up. We understand that this might feel like a big leap in coding, but we will take you and your class through this step by step. Lorna has supported Mission Zero many times over the years and is ready to support your class too. This session is suitable for second level and above (P6 and above).


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