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30 May 1600 – 1700, This is Cyber – episode 3: Online Behaviours

As educators it is our responsibility (GTCS) to ensure our learners are taught how to be cyber resilient and safer online.

This is episode one of a four-part professional learning programme designed to develop educators’ confidence to teach cyber resilience and internet safety. This will empower you to more effectively support learners live their best online lives.

This episode will explore internet safety – what it is and how we can teach it. You will explore:

  • online harms
  • internet use/behaviours
  • internet safety learning in your classroom


Internet Safety – online behaviours

Internet Safety relates to harms and risks of using online services that are internet enabled – that means the behaviours could occur without an internet connection, such as bullying, but are often made easier to access or share online. This distinction allows us to focus our teaching and support on issues separate from the devices and platforms of cyber resilience in episode 2.

Learners need to learn about the risks of using online services and the behaviours that carry risk when online. They should also reflect on their own practice, and that which is modelled to them, and how this may affect others – we want to encourage them to become more:


  • Safe – looking after themselves and their friends and family online
  • Smart – they consider the reliability and truthfulness of online content and the impact of sharing this
  • Kind – they should be kinder to themselves and others, considering the impact of posts and content they may create or share

our internet safety message: safe smart kind

Internet Safety – reading

ACTIVITY prior to attending

  1. Talk to your class and ask them what they use the internet for
  2. Are there any patterns, such as boy/girls or older/younger learners? Why do you think these may be?
  3. Consider the Hackett Continuum below and evaluate what behaviours you think would fit in each category:

hackett continuum for harmful sexual behaviour

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