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This is Cyber – episode 2: Devices and Accounts

As educators it is our responsibility (GTCS) to ensure our learners are taught how to be cyber resilient and safer online.

This is episode one of a four-part professional learning programme designed to develop educators’ confidence to teach cyber resilience and internet safety. This will empower you to more effectively support learners live their best online lives.

This episode will serve as an introduction to the course and the concept of cyber resilience and internet safety. We will then explore:​

  • Setting up devices and accounts​
  • Recognise React Recover​
  • Learning resources

Cyber Resilience – devices and platforms

Cyber resilience relates to harms and risks of using devices that are internet dependant – that means they require the internet to be functional. This distinction allows us to focus our teaching and support on issues that only concern devices, platforms and the internet; making it distinct from internet safety which we will explore in episode 3.

Learners need to learn how to effectively setup and use devices, including security and account settings, risks to using internet-enabled devices and how to recover from potential cyber harms, risks and attacks.


  • Recognise risks, threats and harms to devices and accounts
  • React to any attack or threat
  • Recover from an attack or threat – both technically and personally

ACTIVITY prior to attending

  1. Read this post from the National Cyber Security Centre – Most hacked passwords revealed as UK cyber survey exposes… – NCSC.GOV.UK
  2. Check the strength of your current password(s) here – How Secure Is My Password? | Password Strength Checker (
  3. Consider the evidence and reflect on your own cyber resilience – do you know how to prevent cyber threats? Would you know how to react and recover?

This story is great for introducing the concept of passwords to keep things more secure with younger learners

The blue house activity on this game is effective for older learners to consider those devices that connect to the internet with WiFi:

picture of a house in the Cyber Land security game
Cyber Land – Cyber Games UK

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