this is cyber resilience: professional learning webinars

09 May 1600 – 1700, This is Cyber – episode 1: How We Use the Internet

As educators it is our responsibility (GTCS) to ensure our learners are taught how to be cyber resilient and safer online.

This is episode one of a four-part professional learning programme designed to develop educators’ confidence to teach cyber resilience and internet safety. This will empower you to more effectively support learners live their best online lives.

This episode will serve as an introduction to the course and the concept of cyber resilience and internet safety. We will then explore:​

  • Why we teach cyber resilience and internet safety​
  • Cyber resilience and internet safety – what’s the difference?​
  • How children and young people use the internet – Consume Create Communicate

Consume Create Communicate

To more effectively support our learners with their online lives it is important to understand their behaviour as consumption, creation or communication. The apps and platforms they use may be ever-changing but their behaviours are not. Understanding the behaviour will help educators make more effective use of our Teacher Toolkit which has ideas, information and resources to support with cyber resilience learning and teaching.

ACTIVITY prior to attending

  1. Try sorting these activities into one of the three categories:

2. Check out our Teacher Toolkit and how we have organised ideas, resources and information under some of the activity types

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