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06 June 1600 – 1700, This is Cyber – episode 4: Cyber Security

As educators it is our responsibility (GTCS) to ensure our learners are taught how to be cyber resilient and safer online.

This is episode one of a four-part professional learning programme designed to develop educators’ confidence to teach cyber resilience and internet safety. This will empower you to more effectively support learners live their best online lives.

This episode will serve as an introduction to the course and the concept of cyber resilience and internet safety. We will then explore Cyber Security:​

  • Pathways
  • Opportunities
  • Engagement

Cyber Security

Cyber Security is an exciting subject, that can be taught alongside, as part of, or independently from Computing Science. It offers an exciting range of job opportunities that may excite learners. Cyber Security offers challenge to learners as it requires an increasing technical knowledge at national level. Does your setting offer Cyber Security? Are you preparing younger learners with the skills and knowledge to enable them to progress to studying this area?

The Greenwood Challengers were a group of S2 girls from Greenwood Academy in North Ayrshire – here they talk about the challenge, engagement and opportunities cyber has afforded them:

ACTIVITY prior to attending

  1. What is currently offered in your setting – school or wider community and educational establishments?
  2. What are the local cyber career or training prospects?


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