02 November 1600 – 1700, Planning (This is Digital Learning and Teaching professional learning programme 1)

As educators it is our responsibility to make effective use of digital technology to deliver high quality teaching, engaging learning and effective assessment. This four-part professional learning programme is designed to enhance educators’ knowledge and skills in order to develop their learning, teaching and assessment with digital technology.

Episode 1 – Planning

  • Exploring and understanding the digital literacy Experiences and Outcomes and planning for progression
  • How to collaborate with colleagues using online documents
  • Familiarising attendees with planning for assessment opportunities in digital, primarily using assignments in Classroom or Teams


PRIOR KNOWLEDGE – before this episode, you may find it beneficial to consider:


Discussion activity – before attending we want you to reflect on this statement and share your thinking with us:
“Can good digital learning and teaching be separated from good learning and teaching?”



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