01 November 1600 – 1700, Cyber Resilience (Cyber Resilience and Internet Safety professional learning programme 1)

As educators it is our responsibility (GTCS) to ensure our learners are taught how to be cyber resilient and safer online.

This is episode one of a four-part professional learning programme designed to develop educators’ knowledge of cyber resilience and internet safety skills and knowledge required to support with learners live their best online lives.


In this episode we will explore cyber resilience – what it means, how it fits with internet safety and how to make it engaging and relevant for learners. Cyber Resilience is about setting up devices and platforms safely in order to reduce the risks of being online – we want learners to be able to recognise these risks, know how and when to react to them.


Activity: Before attending we want you to think about this popular learning activity and what you would add, or change, to make it more engaging and effective…

Mr Hunter’s class need to reset their passwords at the start of the new year. He asks the class what makes a good password and then challenges them to try making their own good passwords and testing how good they are at How Secure Is My Password?




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