Communicate – the Cyber Resilience Internet Safety Teacher Toolkit

Our aim

This page aims to provide clear and concise information about popular platforms where children and young people communicate online. It is intended to provide knowledge and understanding for educators, so that they are more confident planning, delivering and assessing cyber resilience and internet safety learning.

How to use this page

Children and young people do not see the internet as a separate thing from ‘real life’ and it is important to understand the role of online devices and platforms in their lives. The internet is part of their cultural capital and key to engaging them with meaningful and relevant learning contexts.

  • Ask them about their online activities and behaviours – what do they consume?
  • Let them lead the learning – can they teach you something?
  • Engage with their ideas and answers – how can you use their knowledge and experiences to inform their learning?

Once you know how they communicate online, you can use find ideas, information and resources on this page to support your planning.


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