office 365 webinar 16 june

16 June 2021 16:00 – 17:00, Introduction to using Glow and Office 365

Introduction to using Glow and Office 365

This session aims to familiarise participants with Glow, its core features and how it can be used for professional collaboration, learning and teaching.

We will cover:

  • personalising your Glow Launchpad

  • using OneDrive to create and share with learners and colleagues

  • an overview of the 365 suite and its features

  • the additional features which are available via Glow

This session may be of particular interest to those practitioners who are new to Glow, returning to teaching or newly qualified practitioners preparing for 2021/22.

Please be aware these sessions are for practitioners across Scotland who have a Glow account. Some products may not be available in your Local Authority, please check in advance.

Upon booking your ticket a link will be issued to you for you to join the Digital Skills Microsoft Team Site within Glow where the training will take place, this can take 24hours to process.

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    • Jenni Mackay says:

      Good afternoon, please use the Eventbrite link to book your place on this session (a practitioner Glow account is required to attend). Using Eventbrite will ensure you receive and updates or information we will share ahead of or after the session. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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