26 May, 16:00 – 17:00, CRIS webinar – Mind Your Money

In the UK in 2018:
• Almost 190,000 case of identity fraud were recorded.
• Nearly 30,000 victims of fraud were under the age of 30.
• Over 80% of identity frauds were committed online.
• There was a 26% increase in fraud victims who were aged under 21.

Money Matters


It might be useful to review the information on these pages before attending:

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This session aims to raise your awareness of the opportunities to incorporate cyber resilience with numeracy and mathematics in your planning. There will be examples of resources and activities for use in your classroom. The session will explore opportunities to assess CRIS learning in the context of numeracy and mathematics. 

It will:

  • Explore online spending habits 
  • Identify the risks of online spending
  • Suggest Cyber Hygiene best practice

There will be an opportunity to share your ideas on financial education and cyber resilience learning.

There will be an evaluation at the end of the session.


This session is part of a series that interconnect but are not interdependent. Each session needs to be booked separately.   

Information Literacy (19th May)   

HWB (10th June)

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