20 April,16:00 – 17:00, Computing Science – Tackling unconscious bias and gender stereotypes

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This session is designed to provide an introduction to the theory of unconscious bias and gender stereotypes and to challenge thinking and practice. We will look at how biases form and their effects on our own behaviours, on pupils and on the learning environment. There will be chance for people to reflect on their own practice and consider specific barriers for girls accessing computing science and possible strategies to mitigate this.

This session focuses on the groundwork into recognising and challenging our own biases and those of others as well as the stereotypes that deter children from exploring all opportunities. We will look into the science of biases, how they form and the reasons we should be looking to challenge them. There will be an opportunity to explore possible activities to take back to your own setting, and you will be invited to return and share what worked and engage in collaboration with practitioners from various settings.

There will be a follow up collaborative event Tuesday 4th May, 16:00 to share your practice and discuss strategies with colleagues. 

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