23 Feb, 1600 – 1700 Supporting children & young people to safely navigate their online lives.

Tuesday 23rd February 1600-1700

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Staying informed, watching videos, gaming, connecting? What are children & young people doing online and how can we best support them?

The internet has opened up new ways for children and young people to share, connect, chat and friend. Many of these activities are normal and a natural part of growing up, especially for teenagers.

Children & young people themselves have not changed, curiosity about relationships and sex remains the same, but access to the internet has changed the way young people communicate and explore these. Although much of this now happens online, the support and advice which keeps children safe ‘in real life’ will keep them safer online too.

Join us as part of Cyber Scotland Week in this informative webinar to find out what resources exist and where you can access them to support the children and young people you work with.


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