National eLearning Offer Webinar available to watch online

Webinar Overview

The webinar giving an overview of the National e-Learning Offer is now available to watch again.  This webinar provides

  • an overview of the live, recorded and supported elements of National eLearning Offer by Joan MacKay from Education Scotland
  • an overview of the live element by Jacqui Yule from e-Sgoil
  • an introduction to to the recorded element by Paul Downie from WestOS
  • inputs from three teachers sharing how they are making use of the recorded content available to support learning and teaching


Introduction: Joan Mackay, Education Scotland

Live Element: Jacqui Yule, e-Sgoil

Recorded Element: Paul Downie, WestOS

Practitioner Input: Tina Visovan, Biology

Practitioner Input: Julie O’Sullivan, Biology

Practitioner Input: Claire Cassidy, Modern Studies

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