16 March 2021 – Confidence, creativity, and curiosity in early level computing science: programmable devices and online resources.

This webinar will be delivered twice with AM and PM options.

This is the third webinar of the early level computing science sessions. This webinar will focus on how we can provide experiences that allow children to tinker, create, debug, collaborate and persevere with porgrammable devices and online coding resources, at the early level through play and where we can access a wealth of free learning and teaching resources to embed computing science at early level through play.

This session is for practitioners working with learners in ELC or Primary School AND all other practitioners who work with learners at any level, with an interest in creatively embedding computing science.

Please note the date for these sessions has changed from Thursday 18th February to Tuesday 16th March. 

Morning webinar 10am via Google Meet

Gmail login required.



Afternoon webinar 4pm via Microsoft Teams 

Glow login IS NOT required.



If you would like to catch up on the first two webinars of this series please click on the webinar recordings below.

Webinar 1: an introduction to early level computing science

Webinar 2: unplugged and outdoors

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