Staying Connected as an ELC Team: Microsoft & Google Collaboration Tools within the Glow Environment.

These introductory webinars focused on how ELC practitioners can make the best use of digital tools that are available to use via Glow to support communication and collaborative working. All other practitioners working with learners at any level were also welcomed to join these webinars and may find the content useful.

The first session focused on Microsoft Teams, Staff Notebook (OneNote) and Sway. Practitioners were guided through creating their own staff Team and shown how you can work in collaboration with colleagues in real-time, including setting up and joining video calls.  The session also covered creative ways to share important information such as newsletters and learning stories.

Focusing on G-Suite, the second webinar explored how ELC practitioners can communicate and collaborate with colleagues in real-time, on Google Docs, Jamboardand and through video calling within Google Meet. This session also explored creative ways to gather survey information for self-evaluation and how to share information such as newsletters and learning stories in Google slides. 

For future webinars, please explore the signup information at the Upcoming Webinars section of this blog. All webinar information for early level practitioners is also available via this Sway

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