01 December 2020 1630-1730, Developing Literacy and English Through Digital Learning in Primary Schools

About this Event

A Glow login is required to join this webinar in Teams.
It is for PRIMARY practitioners.

If you haven’t already signed up, use this link to join the Team.

It will be delivered over THREE DATES:

  • Session 1 – Tuesday 27th October at 4.30pm
  • Session 2 – Tuesday 17th November at 4.30pm
  • Session 3 – Tuesday 1st December at 4.30pm

More about this

Long-term school closures earlier this year have highlighted the importance of developing children’s learning through a range of digital tools and resources. In this webinar we take a look at how children’s experience and knowledge of digital learning can be used to support their progress in Literacy and English. The sessions will provide practical guidance for practitioners to utilise a range of digital tools and resources which have been carefully selected to support the Literacy and English curriculum.

The webinar, run in partnership by Education Scotland Digital and Literacy colleagues, will consist of a series of three sessions. The first two sessions will be a tutorial style with examples of how aspects of listening, talking, reading and writing can be developed through digital learning. The third session will be interactive, allowing participants to share their own examples of practice or bring along an idea which they would like to develop through group discussion.

Upon booking your ticket a link will be issued to you to join the Developing Digital Learning in Literacy and English (webinars) Microsoft Team Site, within Glow; where the training will take place. This can take twenty four hours to process.

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