Managing My Learning



Complete the table below to identify and reflect on those factors and plan actions for each.

Recognition/ Reflection Action
What helps my learning? How can I utilise this?
Example: “Discussing the topic with others” ·       Set up a study group of like-minded peers

·       Engage with the online community

Reading the notes beforehand ·       Set out time before class to study notes

·       Ask teachers for related material

Watching videos related to the topic I’m learning ·       Find other people who explain the topic to my understating
Taking video recordings of the lecture ·       Make sure to listen to it even after my lecture
Teaching someone else what I’ve learnt ·
Putting what I’m learning into practice ·



Recognition/Reflection Action
What hinders my learning? How can I address this factor?
Example: “I’m easily distracted” ·       Study in a place where distractions are minimal

·       Read lecture notes before the lecture and then take notes lectures to keep me focused

Procrastination ·       Find a place where I feel motivated

·       Remove anything that could deter me from my work

Lack of preparation ·       Set out time to get my self-organized

·       Make a list to keep me on track 

Teachers of the future

Why do I want to teach?

Well to put it simply-I want to make a difference. To a child a teacher can make or break their educational experience, they can build up or damage their confidence, a teacher points their pupil in a direction that will contribute to what kind of individuals they will grow up to be. Like Miss Honey, I want to be able to kick start a passion for learning, the very same passion my teachers encouraged. I want children to look at me and see values that would provoke them to be better people. I want to make a difference where and when it matters the most. Being dyslexic I always struggled in school, I never thought that I would be capable of pursuing the kind of jobs I dreamt of, as they all required academical achievement. However my teachers saw the best in me and motivated me to find different ways of learning, may it be through music or art, they made every effort to see that I did my very best academically. They contributed to shaping me into the person I am today.  So in conclusion, most people strive to leave a mark in the world, they fight to be noticed by their peers or their wider community. However, I believe that through children you can leave a legacy that will outlive you.

That’s why I want to teach.