Communication in other Environments: Reflective Questions

Within our group, there was no clear leader and instead we worked together and allowed time for each person to give their thoughts/opinions on how to build the den. The most challenging thing about working in the group was assigning roles. It was important to ensure that everyone had a worthy job and felt like part of the team.

We were shown other group’s dens and told by one person how they constructed it and how they worked as a team. They pointed to the materials that were used and this was made very clear.

When communicating outdoors, it was important that everyone was listening as the outdoor area was louder than it would have been being inside. Therefore, the spokesperson had to speak with a louder voice to ensure that everyone in both groups could hear their explanation.

We did not negotiate with any other group. This is because we had a sheet which acted as a roof for our den and we were not willing to give this up. Due to this, other groups did not want to give their materials to our group and therefore, our den did not change.

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