Flora Stevenson: Sandy’s Story

In this session, our Community Ambassadors listened to a story about Sandy. Sandy is a fictional character, a 10-year-old boy who experiences challenges at home, in his community and in school.

Our Ambassadors explored the concept of empathy through hearing Sandy’s Story. Empathy is when you are able to see things from somebody else’s perspective. By putting ourselves in others’ shoes and feeling what someone else is feeling, we can better understand how our choices impact on other people.

Ambassadors listened to Sandy’s story and afterwards explored ways that the story could be better for Sandy. To read Sandy’s Story for yourself please click the link:

CP Investigates (Sandy’s Story)

The pictures are from our Sandy’s Story in Freeze Frames activity…

In next weeks session our Ambassadors will look at the positive suggestions that they made on how Sandy’s life could be made better.

We will be looking for examples of  Kindness, Trust, Empathy and Human Dignity in Sandy’s new Story.



Community Ambassadors at Flora Stevenson

Children’s Parliament are back in Flora Stevenson.

Graeme, Colin and Beth visited with P7 to work on a brand new project called Community Ambassadors Programme in Edinburgh (CAPE).

Together, we looked at the experiences children can have that remove their human dignity and the experiences which can build children’s dignity and feelings of self-worth.

Our definition of Human Dignity is;

We put our feelings and experiences on our “Dignometers” some of which are posted here. We hope you enjoy them 😀

Our questions for adults from this session are; What does human dignity mean to you and, as a child, can you remember an experience which left you feeling small, put down or sad?

CAPE Flora Stevenson: Healthy – Happy – Safe in our Community

Another great session with our Community Ambassadors at Flora Stevenson’s Primary.

We talked about our Community which we described as “All the people who live in a particular area or place“. We thought about all the places where we love to be, as well as those that could be better or feel safer.

Everyone was given a map and we drew all the places that we feel safe and happy and the places it doesn’t feel safe; we thought about why these places feel this way. Have a look at our maps. We hope you enjoy them.

As Community Ambassadors we want to help adults understand what they can do help us feel included. We want adults to listen to us when they are thinking about ways to make our communities healthy, happy and safe places for us to live, play and grow up.

Our question to adults is; Is your Community a space where children can live, play and grow up in safety?