Abbeyhill: Sandy’ Story

In this session, our Community Ambassadors listened to a story about Sandy. Sandy is a fictional character, a 10-year-old boy who experiences challenges at home, in his community and in school.

Our Ambassadors explored the concept of empathy through hearing Sandy’s Story.  Empathy is when you are able to see things from somebody else’s perspective. By putting ourselves in others’ shoes and feeling what someone else is feeling, we can better understand how our choices impact on other people.

Ambassadors listened to Sandy’s story and afterwards explored ways that the story could be better for Sandy. To read Sandy’s Story for yourself please click the link:

CP Investigates (Sandy’s Story)

Our Community Ambassadors thought Sandy’s life could be made better by adults supporting his journey to school and his gaining the confidence, courage and strength to ask his teachers for help.

Our question to adults is: Can you remember how you felt if you were bullied when you were 10 years old?

CAPE Abbeyhill: Safe and Happy Community

During our Community Ambassadors session today we looked at and discussed our Community – the place where we live, play and belong.

Using large treasure maps to represent our Community we thought about the fun places – the safe places – the unsafe places in our Community and we drew them on our maps.  We put happy – unhappy – neutral face stickers on our maps to represent the safe – unsafe places and those spaces which could be better.

Have a look at some of our maps and let us know what you think.  Why are some parks only safe during the day? Our home, the place we grew up is special to us, can you think why?

Comments and views;

“We want the police in our Community”

“We want less police with weapons”

“Playing basketball with a team in my community makes me feel like I belong here”

“Sometimes Montgomery Park is dodgy”

“I feel safe in my house”

“Easter Road on match day can feel crazy”

“I like Holyrood Park because I go there with my family”

“I don’t always feel safe when I visit my auntie” (lives in a different area)

“Friends are really important to us in our community” (friends who live nearby)

“Shopkeepers aren’t always friendly. They have signs saying only two children allowed. I was accused of stealing by a stall keeper for picking something up to look at. The stall was selling kids stuff”

Drawings on treasure map;

Fun school – Museum – Tennis Courts – Pump Track – Racing Track

Our question for adults is “What can you do to make our communities safe and happy place for us to grow up?”


Abbeyhill: Community Ambassadors

Children’s Parliament are back in Abbeyhill.

Graeme, Colin and Marion visited to work with P7 on a brand new project called Community Ambassadors Programme in Edinburgh (CAPE).

Together we looked at experiences that children can have which removes their human dignity – and the experiences which can build children’s dignity and feelings of self worth.

We put our feelings and experiences on our “Dignometers”  some of which are posted above. We hope you enjoy them 😀

Our questions for adults from this session are; What does human dignity mean to you? and Can you remember an experience which left you feeling small,  put down or sad?