Granton: Adult pledges from Data Lab, Edinburgh University

I will listen more and talk less
– Brian

I will listen to children and act if I need to in order to help them
– Marion Dunbar

I will always listen when a child tries to talk to me

I pledge to always spend time playing with children, to engage with them and to listen to them.

I will always look out for a child who needs help when I’m out.

To be proactive in listening, asking questions and take action where and when I can. I have three nephews so will do my best to listen, discuss and to take action with any worries they may have.
Р Craig Skeldon

I pledge to listen and respect children’s decisions surrounding their freedom when they’re out playing with their friends ( 2 hours or more!!)

I promise to listen to children and help them when they feel bullied or ignored.

I promise to never ignore a child, listen to what they have to say and how they feel and to be kind to them.

I pledge to look out for children in my neighbourhood to help make sure they’re okay – happy, healthy and safe.

I promise to listen more to children, especially if they are upset.

I will listen more and make more time.

I will treat children with the same dignity and respect as adults
– Dan

I will make time to play more with my children and I will listen to them carefully.

I promise to give children more attention….(and be kind to everyone).

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