Flora Stevenson: Moray House

Our whole class of Community Ambassadors from Flora Stevenson travelled to Moray House, Edinburgh University to deliver a workshop to MSc and PhD Childhood Studies students.

Community Ambassadors shared their work and views from their Community Ambassadors Programme in Edinburgh (CAPE), guiding the adults through a number of activities designed to help them consider and discuss children’s human rights and how they can adopt a children’s rights approach to their thinking and practice.

Together the students and Community Ambassadors considered the programme themes of  Human Dignity, trust, empathy and kindness and discussed how children have identified these themes as being the values they need and want from adults when seeking advice or support.

We’d like to thank our friends from Edinburgh University for making this workshop such a positive experience for our Community Ambassadors and for their pledges to children, some of which we include here.

I, Fatima, from MSc Childhood Studies, University of Edinburgh, hereby pledge to make the world a better place for children by loving, caring and respecting them. 

I pledge to try to treat my students with empathy, kindness, trust and dignity. To encourage those students to do the same when they become teachers. To use those four words to focus my reflections on my teaching and my actions as a teacher and a parent.
– Judith MacKinlay – Teaching Fellow (Primary Education) & Mum

To see all of the students pledges on what they will do to make children’s lives healthy, happy and safe you can visit our “Adult Pledges” page on this blog.

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