Abbeyhill: Adult pledges

Following their training session with Abbeyhill’s Community Ambassadors on 7th November 2017, adults pledged:

“I promise to ……… really listen to what children are saying to me, speak in a calm voice and take action when it’s needed.”
“Tell other adults about your messages of kindness, trust, empathy and Human Dignity.”
“Explain why things are happening and apologise when I’ve been wrong/ made a mistake.”

Lizzie Booden (Spartans Alternative School Volunteer): 
“I pledge to make children’s lives healthy, happy and safe by……………LIstening to children when they tell me things are important to them.”
“By seeing the funny things with the children I look after and not focused on “tasks” # Boring adult tasks.”
“By showing them I care by showing kindness at all times.”

“I pledge not to be judgemental and listen to what children have to say, ask them for their opinion, provide the safe space to discuss matters that concern them and make sure that they have a say and choices in their life.

Emma Easton (Spartans Alternative School):
“I pledge to talk to the students at Spartans Alternative School about the importance of Human Dignity, Trust, Empathy and Kindness and help them think about bullying in a different way. thank you.”
“Healthy – Happy – Safe.  Listen to them – Trust that what they are telling you is true – Time, give children quality time and attention.”

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