Granton: Ambassadors Passports

Our Community Ambassadors in Granton have been reflecting and thinking about the work we have been doing together in the programme.

To help with this Ambassadors have been provided with Community Ambassadors Passports and individually they have been thinking about the themes of Human Dignity, Empathy, Trust and Kindness and placing their thoughts and messages into their passports.

In our passport, we’re beginning to think about the important messages we want to send to adults. We are thinking about the workshops we are going to develop so that we can ask adults what we want them to Think, Feel & Do when we ask them for support.

You can see what our passports look like here;

Comments and reflections

I’ve learned so much from Children’s Parliament and so have all the other children in my class. It’s nice just to get time to sit with you (CP worker) one to one in a quiet place“.

Adults need to take time to listen to us and not be in a rush“.

I helped my classmate when people were gossiping about her. I knew how she felt because it happened to me too. I was kind to her.

If there was no kindness in the world people wouldn’t have any friends and no one would want to go to school anymore.

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